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2022.01.18 19:00 EthFair Ask Anything Thread

Use this thread to ask anything at all!
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2022.01.18 19:00 PortugalOnReddit [r/interestingasfuck] Hogwarts uniforms were based on the uniforms of the University of Coimbra in Portugal

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2022.01.18 19:00 Comfortable_Barber78 Who wants to wank quickly text me

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2022.01.18 19:00 Particular_Sorbet470 First Gun (G and G CM16 Raider L with 3-9x 50mm scope and canted iron sights.

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2022.01.18 19:00 ElegantDriller Idea: Mission "Cargo Transport"

Hey guys,
got an idea for a new mission type being a mixup of "Escort Duty" and "On-site Refining". The main part of it is to escort (or ride) a train, which can initially be armed in a modular way.
Short mission backstory: The deep rock galactic business has experimented with automatic mining facilities, which attempting to transport goods to the surface with trains. However, it turned out to be an outright failure as the facilites and trains broke. Deep rock probably forgot that the best miners are dwarf miners. Nevertheless, some places still hold valuable goods, which have to be recovered.
Your mission is clear:
Once out of the drop pod you should be seeing a train nearby, which is damaged and non-operational. Besides the train multiple different modules, of the size of mini-mules, lie on the ground. You need to repair the train (as in repairing the mini-Mules), pick up your preferred modules (see below for different modules) and place them on the train. The train, however, only has 3/4 module slots, so chose wisely, depending on your play style and team. Now you may start the train (as in starting Doretta), which is then driving slowly - but accelerating fast - over the rails, which run through the caves. Since the train is eventually moving faster than dwarfs walk, you should hop on the train or surf on the rails (as in surfing the oil pipeline). Meanwhile bugs, lot of bugs, are trying to attack you and the train. Especially the flying bugys are annoying, the others are probably too slow - ... until the train suddenly have to stop, because of rockfall blocking the rails. You should clear the path fast, since even the slow bugs are catching up now. Oh and don't forget to mine nitra, gold, etc. fill it into the train (as in Mule), since you need that ammo. Finally cleared the pathway? Then reconnect the seperated rails (as in connecting pipelines) and start the train again. This rockfall encounter may happen multiple times, before finally arriving at the train station that holds the goods, you are here for. Press the button at the station, which will then connect a cargo carriage/waggon to the train. This may take a while, so give your best to defend yourself and the goods. If you are still alive, the train will return to the inital drop point, where the drop pod is still waiting. After arriving, the goods will be retracted by the drop pod (as in the Mule at the end of a mission) and you are allowed to leave this place.
Module ideas: - Floodlight, that shines light to both sides of the train. Helpful for small caves, but scout flares are still relevant. - An additional wide platform to stand on, since good standing space on the train is sparse. - A bug-slowing-gadget that slows nearby bugs. - An automatic turret that shoots rockets but has long cooldown. - An automatic turret that shoots bullets, similar to the turret of a refinery platform. - An additional motor, that increases the trains speed and acceleration. - A one-time use resupply module with four ammo packs.

Some further ideas: - The rails may split into different paths and you need to choose which path to go. Each path can have its benefits, such as new modules/gold/etc. which may be declared at the switch. - Random damages happening, forcing the train to stop and to be repaired again.
Thanks for reading all this, I am really looking forward to you comments (and more ideas?)!
- Drop down near to a damaged cargo train - Repair and arm the train with different modules, such as turrets, floodlights, etc.. - Start train and follow it by standing on platforms attached to train, or surfing on rails (or just walking) - Drill/Clear possible rockfall that blocks train and reconnect rails, while fighting bugs - Reach train station and connect cargo carriage - Finally start the way back, ride the train/rails - End up at inital drop pod, that retracts the cargo and leave -> "That's one for the books! Retrieving escape pod!"
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2022.01.18 19:00 buno1 The title was called thinking about donuts but BDE thinking about sex

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2022.01.18 19:00 Sweaty-Director8478 BEST CIVS IN AOE 3 IN 2022?

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2022.01.18 19:00 According-Ad-9267 únanse hay esta

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2022.01.18 19:00 Bad_Bobby2009 Bitch, We Are a Train too!

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2022.01.18 19:00 Minitrain It’s about D R I V E

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2022.01.18 19:00 Advanced_Living9619 My journey of no contact begun today

First I am thanking everyone posting here, I was lurking and I felt like this could be a home for me right now, and you all made me brave to take the step of no contact. Reading your posts made me cry at times and smile at other times. It was so sweet to see some journeys from the day of making the decision to the day of finally feeling like they really moved on, passing by phases of failing and breaking NC then picking yourselves back after terrible regret. It was such a beautiful thing to see!
For my story I am going to say that the breakup was amicable there was no drama we both agreed that it's not working and decided to call it a day and try go back to being friends because he was my best friend and I was his best friend before all of it happened, but I can't remain in contact with him because it's simply affecting me badly. I am way better when I don't talk to him. And although I find it hard to admit and I couldn't bring myself to tell it him but I think we can never ever be friends again, from my side and from his side too.
Love is such a bittersweet feeling, I found someone who felt like everything I ever wanted in a person then here we are now, in spite of this great love I have for him, I have to let him go. But I will.
I know I will miss him badly in the future and I'll want to talk to him or check on him, but I will have to endure that pain, and I'll come here and hopefully a kind stranger reassures me that it will all be alright in the end, or just knowing that I have here a sweet community that is like a home will give me strength to keep going.
I love you all guys 💓
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2022.01.18 19:00 swandive78 Good Enough For Now

Sometimes, you can't be
Ecstatic, but you can be
Mildly contented.
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2022.01.18 19:00 ramenoverrice Switching from Smart Grinder Pro to Eureka Mignon Manuale

Hi everyone, I think I made a mistake buying Sage Smart Grinder Pro last month. After a few weeks, it's consistently making loud clacking noise particularly when dealing with light roast beans for espresso. I usually go between 10-14 grind size. Sometimes the clacking noise makes the grinder stop working. I have checked the grinder and cleaned up everything inside but the problem keeps coming. Been offered an exchange but thinking about getting a refund and replace it with Eureka Mignon Manuale. Found one with Solis brand on it. But before that, there are some concerns I'd like to ask about the Manuale based on the problems I found with the SGP:

  1. Is the Manuale capable of grinding light roast beans?
  2. Does the Manuale produce a lot of clumps?
  3. Is making adjustments easy? I like tasting different kind of beans but I find switching from one to another is troublesome with the SGP.
I'm considering 1Zpresso JX-Pro as well but too lazy to do hand-grinding in the morning.
Looking forward for some answers.
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2022.01.18 19:00 pastoriagym [OC] A red belted conk in WA I found while waterfall hunting

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2022.01.18 19:00 CardanoCryptoBot Cardano Hits 3-Week High

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2022.01.18 19:00 monotreme_experience This is Sabrina, a week after bowel surgery- she's a force of nature!

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2022.01.18 19:00 Educational_Okra_605 First year teacher vs parents.

Sort of venting, sort of advice seeking.
First year SPED teacher here (separate setting). Any tips on growing thicker skin with parents? I have good working relationships with all parents of my caseload except for one. Can’t seem to please her without a “woe is me” tangent or rude messages on our messaging system about getting Microsoft teams working (they did nothing on it last year and two homebound SPED teachers quit because of him). Oh, and telling me how awful my teacher assistant is for “moving too fast” on a remote learning day and “causing her kid to shut down” when doing separate groups. (She was on top of him for all of remote learning). Also got a rude message on our messaging system last night from her asking how to do the work (it’s on teams but she demanded paper copies). I’m fed up with her this week. How can I grow thicker skin about this? I know I will in the years that come, but still. I’m peeved at the moment and it won’t leave my head.
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2022.01.18 19:00 Renwar12 More of a ram than dragon tbh, but there’s fire so she must have dragon blood? Some of my art :) my Instagram if you care to follow

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2022.01.18 19:00 Psychological-Rub919 With friends

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2022.01.18 19:00 MimiPowers Recent posts have me worried

I’ve recently seen a lot of posts about hair growing back thicker or denser than before they had their treatments. This has me very worried. I’m close to purchasing a package for facial hair removal, but am having second thoughts. I live the US, and have been told my Fitzpatrick skin type is 5. My chin hair is black, coarse and thick, but all other facial hair is fine and varies in darkness from black to lighter shades of black. Should I move forward with this treatmet? The laser that will likely be used on me is the Cynosure Apogee Elite YAG. Does anyone have any advice for me?
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2022.01.18 19:00 scarcityBOT Phillip Frankland Lee on the Grind of Working in a Kitchen

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2022.01.18 19:00 OrionR760 just a question,

What are the most safest methods to spoof? I don't mind paying itools and all but i want to know if theres any alternatives. i am on ios 15 so its not great, but yeah please let me know. thank you.
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2022.01.18 19:00 Jomeshome Trigger warning. Minutemen are the best Faction in all of fallout 4 and here's why

They actually give two shits about the people of Boston, They have nice uniforms, preston, nice original weapon, not fascist, always loyal. And other things
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2022.01.18 19:00 UltimateDiscordMod Say it’s the future and now we can manipulate our genetics for dirt cheap. What would you change in your genes?

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2022.01.18 19:00 venus-ish F21 usually i just get called cute :3

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