I know this was a loss but shiryo inu looks promising

2021.11.28 23:14 mosiac20 I know this was a loss but shiryo inu looks promising

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2021.11.28 23:14 Gnubay Pokémon TCG Venomoth Base Set 2 31/130 1999-2000 Wizards

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2021.11.28 23:14 heryea42 Who is your favorite companion in Fallout 4?

I've only found Dogmeat so far and obviously he is awesome (cause dogs are amazing lol). I've heard I can use the Lone Wanderer perk while traveling with Dogmeat which is clutch. However, if I'm eventually going to come across an awesome companion I do not want to waste the perk point(s). Idk how anyone could be better than Dogmeat though. 😂
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2021.11.28 23:14 JustSumWammer [USA-CA][H] 3x Nvidia GTX Titan X Maxwell [W] Local Cash

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/nJGmhuq

Hello, I am selling 3 titan x's from my alienware area 51. I just upgraded to 3090 so I am selling these three. They all work perfectly and they were never mined. They were used for gaming only. I will only sell locally for now and maybe ship them if they don't sell. The price is $350 each and I will throw in the 3-way sli connector if you buy all three. Local is 92683
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2021.11.28 23:14 MandigoFalcon How to get her attention entirely

There's this pretty girl on my Instagram I've been chatting up recently. We got on great and she gave me her number. Whenever I text, she replies 4 hours later so i didn't text often. This Thanksgiving I messaged her and we got talking again and I invited her to my place to watch a movie. We had great chemistry, talked into the night, the sex was amazing, even succeeded in making her cum. Overall it was a great night.
The thing is I wake up to good morning text messages from other girls, and even when I text them, I get a prompt response. This new girl replies in 4hrs or even the next day, even after our date, and that shit drives me nuts lol. I haven't double texted her and reply late as well.How do I get her attention entirely? Make her want me. Looking forward to any advice!
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2021.11.28 23:14 AFearLessexplorer Still lacking much snow

Surprisingly, we have not yet been buried in snow... I don't think it will last, but we shall see.
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2021.11.28 23:14 iiiredus Looking for People to run with and money grind on PS4 and When next Gen comes out add me FixYoRouter

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2021.11.28 23:14 CharmingTemperature8 when everything is costing ao much now a days y salaries r not getting increased .

m still earning 18k from my job , my house rent 3k phn bills , food ,petrol, clothes bu the end of the mnth ive none remaing in my account if i we continue lyk dis ive to beg on roads in my old age tymes wen my brain stops to think and my body stops to support really afraid. Im even afraid of getting married . First part who wil marry me what is my future ?? OMG im fed up m already 27.
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2021.11.28 23:14 areisssx fic that preventing the uchiha massacre recommendedations?

Can y’all recommend me some fics on where naruto or sasuke and the gang will go back in the past to prevent the uchiha massacre? I really think that it is a interesting plot to read.
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2021.11.28 23:14 Lucy_Costume #FGO #Racing #Suit, #Black Guns - Cosplay #COSPLAY #COSPLAYGIRL #cosplayer #cosplayers #cosplayergirl

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2021.11.28 23:14 kcrealtorgirl Coinbase Wallet

Does anyone know why you can’t convert to Saitama anymore? I normally can convert my ETH but Saitama doesn’t even show as an option.
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2021.11.28 23:14 filcan2020 Keto Bread | Quick And Delicious Keto Cornbread Recipe #Shorts

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2021.11.28 23:14 comedyzen [WTS] Minase Horizon

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2021.11.28 23:14 leeverde4 Playing with white board. Can get a little muddy but different angles reveal different things.

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2021.11.28 23:14 iron_ferret22 [WP]death was going to find and revive the bastard that alived his dog.

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2021.11.28 23:14 catboi37 Periphery reference in Bitlife?

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2021.11.28 23:14 Kcy- Registeel add 3985 9872 4093

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2021.11.28 23:14 BunsMunchHay Alltrue/Causebox Customization now open

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2021.11.28 23:14 PoetBakerSlut Hit 50k!

This is my first nanowrimo and I did it! The novel is going to be about 70k, but I hit 50k!!!
I'd like to dedicate this book to the following people:
My 7th grade English teacher who said that you can't have alcohol in a fairy tale. Bet you feel dumb right now, lady.
All the people who bullied me when I was in school, elementary through high school. Eat salt and cry, jerks.
My wife, whose been a huge help even though I'm absolutely psychotic. Not just as an author, but in general.
My doctor, who told me I was too damn fat.
My personal trainer, who helped me make my doctor happy.
The EDH players at my local game store who play cEDH against my budget deck and told me there aren't any novels that are only 200 pages. Laughs in Lord of the Flies
Uh. And myself. I've set crazy goals, not just in writing but in every category of my life. Writing a novel this year wasn't just a goal but a necessity. I've got a heart condition- if not this year, then maybe never.
Oh and that one discord I left cause they think light beheading is nsfw and censored me. Bruh, lemme remind you of the french revolution, which they teach children. Gtfo with that noise.
Lastly, all y'all. I kept checking back here to see what y'all have been up to. I've been silent, but I've been cheering you on from here on this side of the screen. Keep it up. If I can, you can. November is just a month. Your novel will be done when it's damn well and ready to be done. You got this, you crazy fuckers. Kick that keyboard's ass.
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2021.11.28 23:14 FrogginBullfish_ Me_irlgbt

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2021.11.28 23:14 the_samusaran Using pinworm for views

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2021.11.28 23:14 bigboibogai Rick Astley is a Sith Lord

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2021.11.28 23:14 Good-Plane-1020 Just Fair-launched!🚀 A Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to 🔱Aqua Shiba's investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to become the #1 DeFi Token! Join the most Heroic Community in all of Crypto!

Just Fair-launched!🚀 A Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to 🔱Aqua Shiba's investors! Join the Heroic Aqua Shiba on his heroic crusade to save the Crypto & Defi World! Join our Royal Atlantian Army as we embark on our campaign to become the #1 DeFi Token in all of Crypto. Join 🔱Aqua Shiba Today.
🔱Aqua Shiba just Launched🚀 from depths of the Majestic Ocean and bringing a Tidal Wave 🌊 of Profits to his investors! Come Join Us Lets do this togeather!!!!!!!!
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Contract Ownership is Renounced: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xb7604d35e9873e076060b4f87d6ce70df13e039e84fd0106a0e227d95ad0187a
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Our Tokenomics are as follows:
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Safe & Secure: Aqua Shiba puts the safety and security of his Army as his top priority and has ordered that Contract Ownership be Renounced at launch & 100% of Liquidity be Locked, therefore, ensuring that his token is decentralized and no individual, group, or entity has control over his royal token and ensuring safety and security for all his investors.
Heroic Reflections: All Aqua Shiba holders will observe their token balance grow through Reflection Rewards at intervals as the community grows. This function will allow holders to effectively earn interest over time and will scale as the community grows.
Heroic Marketing: Aqua Shiba has formed the Royal Atlantian Marketing Council which will utilize the Royal Atlantian Treasury of which 3% of every transaction is contributed to launch a Marketing Campaign covering multiple avenues such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Token Listing sites, and much more. Aqua Shiba is going to save the entire crypto world and rain riches down on his loyal soldiers!
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2021.11.28 23:14 MatzoTov Belated Vegas trip report 11/13 - 11/17

11/13 - Arrived fairly early ish in the morning around 11, stayed at Park MGM. Got checked in right away and up to the room with no delay. No upgrade possibility, front desk said the hotel was literally 100% sold out. Went to ginseng kbbq right across the strip. They had an all you can eat lunch buffet. It's one of those places where the grill is in the table and they just bring you endless meat. A ton of fun and pretty delicious. Saw O that night. Extremely good show albeit a little overpriced. The first show I ever saw in Vegas was Absinthe and sadly I don't think anything has come close to topping it. O was very cool though.
11/14 - Eggslut for breakfast. Crowded as expected but really delicious and they were pretty efficient given the massive crowd size. It was Sunday morning after all. Was in town for the Chiefs/Raiders game, so we ended up watching at the Park MGM sportsbook/restaurant. Really pleasant evening, lots of modest drinks and bar bites. Only a $50 spend per person was required, which sounds steep, but we were going to be sitting there for four hours so I had no objections.
11/15 - Primrose for a light breakfast before doing a Maverick helicopter tour of the grand canyon. This was easily the highlight of the trip. Got to touch down on the canyon floor and walk around for a while. Having never been in a helicopter before or seen the canyon, this was really an unbelievable trek. Highly recommended. Made our way to Aria that night and had Javier's. Gotta be honest, it wasn't special for those prices. Girlfriend got chicken tacquitos and I got I think the lobster enchiladas. They were fine, but nothing worth writing home about. Primrose was better - had a decent eggs benedict. The place has a nice, quiet vibe with outdoor seating too.
11/16 - Nothing on the agenda. We ended up trekking all the way to Resorts World because I hadn't seen it yet. Gotta say, though it was a little quiet (it was Tuesday afternoon), I was extremely impressed with the place. Very sleek, large casino, and a very cute food court area with an asian "night market" vibe. Hoping to come back soon. My girlfriend was exhausted so she went to bed early, but I wasn't ready for bed yet, so I wandered around over to NYNY. Golden Knights game had just let out so Park was a little too hectic for my tastes at that time. Ended up getting a late dinner at Tom's Urban. Got the prime rib dip, it was absolutely delicious.
11/17 - Flew out.
Overall: For starters, huge fan of Park MGM. The vibe is much calmer (unless a golden knights game or concert is letting out) than most other places. Additionally, even though I don't care about smoking, having a non-smoking place to retreat to is extremely underrated and I wasn't expecting to like it that much. The room itself was modest enough but had a unique design for being just a basic king bed room. The little couch by the window was a nice touch and the bed facing the window was unique as well. I had read thin walls were a problem, but I didn't hear anything from our neighbors, so it might've just been good luck. However, we were facing the arena, so music from that area and the little pavilion down below did seep into the room. It was not a bother as it stopped around midnight and we weren't actually trying to sleep at any given time when it was playing.
Another added plus is the Park --><-- Aria ---><--- Belliagio tram. This was an absolute game changer. It's extremely quick, we waited six minutes at MOST for a tram to show up, and each actual trip took less than a minute, so the total travel time at the absolute most to get from Park to Bellagio (or back) was 8 minutes. Honestly would be worth paying Park prices for access to Bellagio atmosphere.
Ubers were no problem. I think about $16 pre-tip each way. No delays getting drivers.
Finally, mask questions. Enforcement was virtually nonexistent. I'd say about 75% of people inside a given casino were wearing masks. I didn't see anyone enforcing. My girlfriend and I did get politely asked to put ours on when we were walking own the Park hallway at like 11AM on Tuesday morning - it was literally just my gf and me walking in the big hallway, with the security guard coming towards us, so he probably just had to say something. Easier to say it to two people than to two hundred.
Fun time overall. About as close to "normal" as I've seen. Really fun crowd/atmosphere and I can't wait to go back.
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2021.11.28 23:14 EvalarMars Help on how to deal with "you won't get a trophy" types of comments 😔 /UNMEDICATED birth

Since I mentioned to my family that I want to give birth in a birth center with no epidural the only comments that I have been receiving are all of disapproval and the ones who stand out are the "you won't get a trophy" "There is no medal for no having pain relief" etc.
And it really bothers me because it make feel anxious and self-doubt
Got me thinking that after all it is true?, I won't get a trophy or a medal for it, but is not that I going to ask for one?? IDK I just wanna know what you think about those comments and if you have someone tell those to you how do you handle it?? 🤷
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