WFABB 2.0 Social media

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2021.11.28 22:57 Hopeful-Custard-6658 WFABB 2.0 Social media

How fitting they they’re using a black tile post across social media to hype up their next thing when the infamous Fyre festival paid a bunch of influencers to do the same thing with orange tiles. (You know, the festival that landed the founder in prison for scamming both investors AND consumers and who couldn’t help but use the Fyre Festival email list to scam more people while out on bail awaiting trial on the first scam, and the specific marketing campaign that resulted in lawsuits against all the influencers for failing to identify the orange tile as an ad…)
They’re so close to self-awareness…
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2021.11.28 22:57 CrysisRequiem Hello there! My girlfriend agreed to watch the prequels for the first time, back to back too. Hope she's a keeper 🤞

Hello there! My girlfriend agreed to watch the prequels for the first time, back to back too. Hope she's a keeper 🤞 submitted by CrysisRequiem to PrequelMemes [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 22:57 YourArtTeacher_ What’s your go to gym song ?

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2021.11.28 22:57 SusDino Hey is Venom the Duck worth using?

He's my 2nd 5 star ever and I wanna know if he's good or not. I heard he's good at incursions, but is there anything else?
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2021.11.28 22:57 anoniemfap Kom fappen op snap fap_fap2021345

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2021.11.28 22:57 Rairaijin Would it be sensible for an emerald dragonborn to become a ranger that hunts aberrations?

Would it be sensible for an emerald dragonborn to become a monster hunting ranger that specializes in slaughtering aberrations for the notion that a sapphire dragon might enlist them to do so regardless so they actively hunt down aberrations in their spare time. I've an idea for a character that's a neutral good folk hero emerald dragonborn monster hunter ranger. So is this concept sensible?
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2021.11.28 22:57 GingerGarboSnap The finally is here for Dead Space 2! If you are a fan of space and/or horror. Check out the series from the beginning. I have also played the original Dead Space and plan on trying out the third one. So keep an eye out for those videos.

The finally is here for Dead Space 2! If you are a fan of space and/or horror. Check out the series from the beginning. I have also played the original Dead Space and plan on trying out the third one. So keep an eye out for those videos. submitted by GingerGarboSnap to YouTubeSubscribeBoost [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 22:57 ColumbusSoulchild An old 90's or early 2000's movie about teenagers who get super powers

I cannot remember this movie for the life of me. There were 4 teenagers in high school and they ended up with super powers. 2 boys, 2 girls. One boy could read minds, one girl could command people with her voice, the other boy could could heal or damage the body (ie; healing a cut on someone, making himself loss his hearing), I dont remember the last girl's powers. Some scenes I remember is the dude with the mind reader powers making his teacher look bad during class and the girl with the command powers going power hungry and making people kill themselves. I think their eyes glowed a color when using their powers. Does anyone know this movie and what it's called?
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2021.11.28 22:57 dank4tao Tip of My Tongue: Recalling an Old Video Monologue About Star Citizen from an Elderly Fan 5+ Years Ago

Context: My sister-in-law jokingly asked "what is Star Citizen" after I purchased ships for my brother and brother-in-law to play over the thanksgiving holiday. I gave her the usually response of the best damn space sim ever, without going into much detail but then I remembered this video I say maybe 6-7 years ago of and older Star Citizen fan explaining what the development of the game meant to him. I've tried searching for this now relic video likely around Alpha 2.6 or so, but it's been buried by the success of many YT channels putting out constant content recently.
Does anyone have a link to the video of an elderly fan of Star Citizen comparing the development to re-sparking his imagination from the old Wing Commander days. I believe he had some European accent (possible German). I believe this video would be a better "explanation" than I could ever give. Any help would be appreciated!
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2021.11.28 22:57 md_ka Welcome to Snowchester SMP

What is snowchester smp? Well we here at snowchester smp are trying to create a little Java survival server for those who would like to make a community filled with fun and adventure! The IP address - Join me for a fun and interesting experience:). (Ps it’s a Java vanilla server)
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2021.11.28 22:57 LFGM1044 Cohen is buggin

Max is good but 40Mil+ A year is simply waaay too much
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2021.11.28 22:57 LordPogchampNino What is the worst book you had to read for school?

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2021.11.28 22:57 astparagus opt/homebrew/bin/brew lines on my m1 mac whenever I open terminal

How do I get rid of this? I’m not a programmecoder by any means. What happened is I tried to install homebrew but failed. Now I got this message I can’t get rid of
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2021.11.28 22:57 read-lit I found some cards. Anything good here? do you guys have any recommendations to find more information?

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2021.11.28 22:57 Bearded_Gussie How do you tell your family you're skipping a major holiday?

In my case, "family" is just Mama. Three reasons why the status quo Christmas isn't on my agenda this year:

  1. Primarily, I have a good friend who's going through a severe depression who is going to be alone on Christmas. I'm trying to spend the holiday with him, but he lives about six hours away from Mama (I live roughly dead center between the two of them). He barely ever leaves his house so dragging him to her house isn't an option, and she's too old to drive / travel. It's an eitheor scenario, I can't please them both.
  2. Christmas this year will be my first opportunity for some real time off in six months, and I won't have another chance for some time away for probably another few months after that. I'm understandably a little burned out in general. Which ties into my last point,
  3. Without going into all the long details, my mother and I aren't super close. We're not estranged, just not BFFs. I'm actually already up at her house right now because she's having some minor surgery (outpatient) and will need someone around for about a week to cook and keep an eye on her. The thought of going home, and then coming back up to do it all again two weeks later is not appealing to me. Visits just ... aren't something I look forward to all year, holiday or otherwise.
Coming up here for Christmas has felt more like an obligation than a pleasure for some time now, I'm sorry to say. We don't actually do anything "Christmassy," it's just a normal visit. There are tons of extended family that she could spend the holiday with in my absence, along with a huge network of local friends.
How do I handle the topic? I feel like honesty is the best policy (limiting the conversation to the first talking point), followed by suggesting she get together with the extended family, but want some advice that I'm on the right track.
TL;DR ... I want to spend Christmas with a close friend rather than the usual less than celebratory visit with family, how do I message this?
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2021.11.28 22:57 ubecodoflash ENEM

é foda, passei o ano inteiro estudando pra essa porra, me afastei de tudo e de todos para estudar e quando eu corrijo minha prova eu vejo um resultado tão pífio, mas tão pífio que eu não vou escrever aqui, enfim... espero que essa nota horrível me coloque na faculdade, a nota de corte do meu curso não é tão alta, graças a deus.
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2021.11.28 22:57 Critical-Nail-7501 Fox Sports League Ps4 50$ Sb Winner

Need a new league? Come join us. We are a league that has been ran since M20 by the same commission team. There is good competition in the league. We are planning on doing 4-5 seasons. We are doing 50$ for Superbowl winner. If you are interested come join us.
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2021.11.28 22:57 HeyHo_LetsThrowRA Bleppin' for Puppachinos

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2021.11.28 22:57 trashog Will buy a new Kia Niro ev premium 2022. (Winter range?)

Hi! Last week I went to a Kia dealer (in Quebec city) and I was wondering what kind of range I should expect during winter. On the highway I usually drive around 110 120 km/h. My daily driving is driving to work (20 min on the highway total per day). I accelerate kind of quickly ( 3000-4000 rpm on a normal car for like 3 sec). Thank you!
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2021.11.28 22:57 Mean-Dot-8548 [HR] Her name is Sara

open to cc, this is my first story
When I was in the seventh grade there was a new girl that came to our school, her name was Sara. Sara had light brown hair and piercing green eyes, she was pretty tall. At least, taller than I was. There were no empty seats in class, except for the one next to me. “Oh great” I thought to myself. “I’m gonna have to talk to her”. I am a very introverted person so the thought of having to speak to someone new really made my anxiety go crazy. “Hi, I’m Sara. What’s your name”? She seemed kind, but her smile was a little…off? “I’m Megan” I said politely and with a smile. “I can tell we’re going to be good friends Megan”. Again, her smile seemed off. Maybe I’m just overthinking it.
Two weeks have passed and Sara isn’t that bad. But she did say something yesterday that still doesn’t sit right with me.

I told my mom what Sara said at bed time that night and she brushed it off as an imaginary friend. “Don’t worry sweetie, I’m sure it’s just Sara’s imagination”. “But mom, I’m afraid for her”. “It’ll be okay Megan, now get some rest”.
The next day, I was waiting for Sara at recess when finally she comes over to me. “It’s about time”! I said to her, but my smile soon faded once I saw her expression. “What’s wrong”? Sara just sat down on the swing next to me and said “the lady doesn’t like me talking to you”. “Why”? I was genuinely curious because I did nothing wrong. “She says it’s because your mom doesn’t believe she’s real”. I immediately got scared. “H…how does the lady know I told my mom? I didn’t even tell you that I told her”? Sara finally looked up at me, her once piercing green eyes were dull. “She sees everything” Sara managed to speak in a whisper. “Okay, well what if I was to meet the lady”? Sara looked frightened and shook her head. “No, you can’t…sh…she will hurt you.” “Sara, I’m not going to stop being your friend. So, either I meet the lady or she needs to back off.” Sara gets angry and stands up quickly and says “if you want to meet the lady, fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
The next night, I went over to Sara’s for a sleep over. Her house was small but cute. It was just her and her mother so it made sense to only have something big enough for the both of them. “It’s nice to finally meet one of Sara’s friends! My name is Ellen, I’m her mother.” Her mother was sweet, she looked almost identical to Sara. Just a little older. Sara speaks up “Mom we are gonna go hang out in my room” “okay, you girls just let me know if you need anything. I’m going to bed”. Her mother said with a smile. They did their nightly hugs and said goodnight and then Sara took me to her room. It seemed fine? Except there was a doll in the corner of the room. “I’m guessing that’s the lady?” I ask as I start laughing. “No, the lady isn’t here yet.” Sara replies seriously. “Oh, where’s she at?” “She’s here…” I look around confused because I don’t see anyone. I turn to look at Sara and… wasn’t Sara…it…it was the lady. But where’s Sara?! “So you wanted to meet me huh?” The lady said as she smiles, showing razor sharp teeth. Her eyes were empty, just…black. “Where’s Sara?” I ask firmly. The lady tsks as she shakes her head. “Stupid, stupid girl” she says as she laughs. I roll my eyes “haha so funny, now seriously. Where’s Sara?” I ask again. Suddenly the lady is behind me, grabbing me by the neck. “Sara isn’t available right now” I look at the lady as she smiles, lifting me high above her head. I can feel my life slipping..and then when I finally think it’s over, I wake up on the floor. Sara is sleeping peacefully in her bed. I go to wake her up and notice that when I go to shake her, she doesn’t move. I go out into the hallway, looking for her mother to tell her what I saw. And when I find her, I start talking and she doesn’t even look over at me? “What the hell is happening?” I ask myself. I eventually leave the house and just go home. I didn’t even bother telling my mom about what happened and just went to bed.
The next day I get up and get ready for school. I go to class like normal, but Sara doesn’t show up. When the teacher finally starts roll call, she gets to my name and I respond. But she looks at me as if I’m not even there? She marks me absent. “Okay, something really weird is happening”. I say as I decide to leave school. I go to Sara’s house to see if I can find her and the house is empty….there’s nothing inside, no sign of someone ever living there. I sprint home to find police officers swarming my house. My mother is talking to one of them describing me? But I’m right here?! Why can’t anyone see me?
I sprint down the road and into the woods, I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I wanted to get away from everything.
That’s when I see a house in the woods, I go inside to find..Sara?! “Sara what the hell is happening?” She turned her head towards me, her eyes were black and empty…”I warned you”. That’s all she says until the lady appears next to her. It’s her mother? “Come children, we have work to do “.
As I pass a mirror, I look at myself for the first time since that night. My hair was dull, my eyes? Black and empty.
Sara warned me, she tried to keep me away from the witch. But I fell for her tricks and now I’m one of her own.
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2021.11.28 22:57 legalreview12 Is LVGN still in play?

I’m still holding. Hold or cash out and move on?
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2021.11.28 22:57 Prophetpicasso I need help I’m trying t trade my haunter so he evolves but also trade me back if you have a haunter and want to evolve him I can help with that to

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2021.11.28 22:57 JA-93 Friends

Anyone wanna play halo infinite? Gamer tag is JA93#4753, still getting used to it so I apologize if my gameplay upsets you.
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2021.11.28 22:57 jharris480 Ekko R Go Brrrrrr

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2021.11.28 22:57 yungfilly adahandle explanation needed

can someone tell me how this will work? say i got a mate who i won a bet with and he now owes me 5 ada. let’s say we both got nami wallet and i’ve purchased the name “sendmemyada”.. does he now type this name in the sending address field? and 5 ada in the amount and hit send? and it’ll come to my nami as i hold the “sendmemyada” nft?
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