Battlefield 2042 preorder early access

2021.10.19 22:33 Ponyface1 Battlefield 2042 preorder early access

Does anyone know what date the game will go live for those who have preordered, or have EA access? The game is advertised as being released on the 19th November, is that for those who preorder, or is it the general release date?
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2021.10.19 22:33 AutoNewspaperAdmin [NZ] - Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Expired vaccines given to around 15 Wellingtonians | NZ Herald

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2021.10.19 22:33 Cola_Doc Trying to remember the name of a recent documentary where they interviewed an executioner

It's a documentary that I watched in the last couple of months. I'm pretty sure that the documentary wasn't about the executioner, though they did spend a decent amount of time with him. Lots of discussion about his feeling that it has had no effect on him, but they showed some of his artwork that appeared to demonstrate him getting darker as the years and executions piled up. I believe the documentary was about sociopaths in general, though I couldn't swear to it.
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2021.10.19 22:33 Shaungretzky99 Agent Allison "Allie" Parker

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2021.10.19 22:33 slopartist Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mentally jacking it...

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2021.10.19 22:33 AutoNewspaperAdmin [NZ] - Covid 19 Delta outbreak: 'It's deeply frustrating', Waiheke Island councillor on Covid case | NZ Herald

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2021.10.19 22:33 CalzonCagado Trophy Help (Co-Dependent) PS5

Is anyone down to help me get this trophy? I don't have any friends who one FC6. I've tried searching for a player online but it fails every time (a few days now). If anyone on PS5 is available to just take one FND base, please let me know.
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2021.10.19 22:33 TestNo9885 Driver's permit & permanent record

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2021.10.19 22:33 bronzecarrot Why do people sell so underpriced?

While I enjoy copping $300 deadstock dunks at half the price, I wonder why sellers list these high value items for prices so below the market?
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2021.10.19 22:33 Baumguard BATTLE ROUND 3: They are so cool!

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2021.10.19 22:33 cutthroattkilla A side of caramel crunch

Hi there my fellow partners! This is my first post here :) Ive been working at Starbucks for a few months and loving it. There is one issue that continuously comes up. There’s a woman who comes through the drive thru and orders a caramel Frappuccino with caramel crunch on the side in a cup. We do charge for the caramel crunch. Ive seen managers simply provide this on the daily, then today I’m trying to serve it to her and a partner at my store (not a shift lead or anything) tells me no I can’t do that. She then proceeds to tell me I can do it this one time and just let her know we won’t be able to do it for her again. THEN she takes the cup from me and only puts a little in the cup, and tells me to refuse her if she asks for more, she then starts telling me I must refuse her so we can stay consistent. I was kind of confused at this point as I’d seen managers serve her this order with no question,the customer was starting to get angry and I felt like I was kinda being sabotaged to have this customer get mad at me, thoughts?
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2021.10.19 22:33 Offtopia Lev Nussberg, Kinetic World 1960

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2021.10.19 22:33 puck_Ringz Pretty sure I fixed it but you guys would know more than I would.

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2021.10.19 22:33 Mackel3000 I'm in the market for a kitty appetite suppressant

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2021.10.19 22:33 yatoeslooksus who mans is this

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2021.10.19 22:33 tahopg Arsenal Career Mode Season 2 end of Summer Window.

Last season the Board gave me the goal of making the Europa League and winning the FA cup.
In January i sold players like Leno, Lacazette, cedric, and kolasinac.
I brought in Jonathon David, and Bissouma and switch maitland niles to RB.
I ended the first season in 5th and lost on GD for the 4th place spot.
We lost in the FA cup round of 16 with Liverpool as our draw.
Objectives for Season 2 are to win the Europa League and finish in a champions league spot.
Players out: Mari, Mavropanos, Holding, Torreira, Bellerin, Guendouzi, Auba, and John jules on loan.
Players in: Lautaro Martinez, Gvardiol (my transfer scout found him), and Olise.
What do you think of my transfers? I felt that it would be more realistic to get rid of the players that were not in the teams real plans and sell most of the players who were loaned out the year before.
Any tips on realistic signings that i should make? Currently play a 4231 wide. Thinking maybe to add another bench cdm that can take over for xhaka.
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2021.10.19 22:33 kingnick27 Deathloop

Is there anyone I can add as a friend so that I can get out of my auto save deathloop?
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2021.10.19 22:33 Greg0727 Ohhh, so thats why their eyes were closed

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2021.10.19 22:33 Charming-Lecture-942 squid game squid game discord server
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2021.10.19 22:33 eMarduk Những trường ĐH nào ở Việt Nam có sinh viên Hóa Sinh, Y sinh, Công nghệ sinh học giỏi nhất nhỉ?

Xin ý kiến các bạn có kiến thức về các trường đại học ở Việt Nam. Những trường ĐH nào ở Việt Nam có sinh viên Hóa Sinh, Y sinh, Công nghệ sinh học giỏi nhất nhỉ?
Tôi có 1 người bạn có thể nhận sinh viên sang Singapore làm đề án tốt nghiệp (sinh viên hết năm 3, năm 3.5; hoặc sinh viên học Master). Làm hỗ trợ nghiên cứu rồi lấy một số kết quả để viết đề án tốt nghiệp, nếu nghiên cứu được công bố thì được hưởng đồng tác giả. Làm 1 năm rồi thả về VN tốt nghiệp/bảo vệ, xong có thể quay lại Sing để làm việc. Làm khoảng 1 năm nữa thì sẽ được giúp lấy học bổng học tiến sĩ.
Hiện giờ bạn tôi chỉ có 3 slots, nhưng nếu sinh viên Singapore không vào đủ thì sẽ tạo điều kiện cho sinh viên Việt Nam hoặc sinh viên Trung Quốc. Nghe nói sinh viên Trung Quỏa vừa giỏi vừa chăm O_O.
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2021.10.19 22:33 RareLake8907 Work-life balance? Bf?

My boyfriend (27m) and I (26F) were chatting tonight and I’m stressed out with work and thinking of taking a different job that will give me more work-life balance. I’ve held a few different jobs over the past few years in search of one that’s the right fit for where I want my career to go and how I want my life to look. Work-life balance has become increasingly important to me but when I mention how overworked I am to my bf he will mention how many hours he is working, how while we are young we have to work hard, how it’s normal, etc. he is my only loved one who reacts this way when I tell them how work is going and it’s starting to feel like he thinks i just don’t like to work hard or something. When I said that he said “I never said that” but his reactions kindve make me feel that way, which hurts because I am working non stop lately. Any advice??
Tldr: I’m overworked. Bf doesn’t seem to understand. Need advice.
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2021.10.19 22:33 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - ‘Climate change is hitting us’: French beekeepers expect worst honey harvest in half a century | Guardian

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2021.10.19 22:33 Drwillpowers 17 people have been taken off the waitlist and given free medical care because of the meme contest so far.

I just was curious to see how many patients were in the practice due to their meme skills. Its 17 as of today.
This is me not so subtly saying that I've missed quality memes, and I've been spending too much time in what is basically a dumpster fire area of trans-reddit and I've realized I should just stay here if I have any online presence at all. Been feeling a little burned out lately.
I'm also still waiting to see someone sell their prize on ebay, just because I'm morbidly curious what would happen.
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2021.10.19 22:33 arthorigneel Azrael vs Kenpachi (Soundtrack Needed)

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2021.10.19 22:33 TechyShelf3 What movies were ruined by your time in the service?

I'm rewatching an old favorite of mine from my childhood, Desperado. I know it's a bit of a spaghetti western set in Mexico but I LOVED this movie as a kid. The music, guns, gun fights, SALMA HAYEK and ANTONIO BANDERAS. It was magical as a kid.
But, as an adult, and former enlisted Marine, it's lost a bit of it's magic. I mean, Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas are still smokin', but the gun fights are corny. Sometimes still shooting with a clearly empty weapon. The sounds are way off. At one point a guy is shooting with a suppressor but it sounded like it was unsuppressed.
So, what movies have been spoiled or ruined by your time in the military?
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